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We’re on a bit of a high at the moment – there’s lots going on for EYELarp over the next couple of months, and new events kicking off too!


We are proud to present our new website! www.eyelarp.com is now fully fledged and in the wild; all our events, rules, and contact info is on there so please take a look. And most importantly, you can book a place for our events by placing a player deposit directly from the site!


This weekend saw the first episode of John Haynes’ new creation, HADES, and what a stonker it was! Players spent the weekend inhabiting the souls of the deceased, carving out a new existence in the afterworld. So many brilliant moments as cast and crew shared their stories and tried to explain the time they had come from; quote of the weekend had to be an Arthurian general, clutching a field radio and asking a WW1 Tommy whether it was the same thing as a telephone. And that was before their island in the tempest came under attack from the Reich…

Pics will be published from the Facebook page later this week, and the event page will be updated with a summary of the event and some special rules. But most importantly, thanks to John for directing, and the cast and crew for bringing the story to life. HADES will return next year.


We’re back at Eversley next weekend for Episode 7 of our pirate epic. We still have a few player and crew places for the event, which is shaping up to be a cracker. More info on the event page and the Facebook group. You can book a place here.


The first weekend of November sees our site at Tuddenham, in Norfolk getting some full-blown 1980’s action movie AWESOME as the Marines of Gruntz drop into action! Player spaces are sold out for our sci-fi extravaganza, but we still have crew berths on the drop ship! Take a look at the event and the Facebook page. Ep 2 is already confirmed and bookings will open shortly!


Our Viking story continues in November, as the Yawlung make landfall on a new, unknown shore. Will the campfire they spied inshore prove friend or foe? Event details and ticket bookings are here.


And our final game of the year takes us back to the tiny enclave of Hirta, where our band of wanderers shelter from the horrors that lurk in the dark of the post apocalyptic wasteland. Our survival horror experience is now on Episode 3, and both player and crew spaces are available. Details here and here.

As always, pics  from our events can be found on www.wyvernlarp.com and if you have any questions, drop us a note.

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