Update: Events for 2017

Hi all, Josh here!

What an incredible year 2016 has been. Nineteen Live Role Play Filmsim events, and nine Filmsim Airsoft events under our belt.. we truly are a community built on epic costumes, rubber swords, toy guns and running around in the woods 🙂

Our community is growing and our reputation for quality experiences is pulling in more attention across the many LARP, Airsoft and gaming communities in the UK – and France!

So, a huge thank you to all you wonderful people who have supported us and helped build EYELarp into what it is today.

However we have also become a victim of our success.. though it’s a good problem to have!

Originally, we wanted to run three events a year for each of our games, to give our community assurance that if they developed a character and built up their kit and kaboodle, we would give them plenty of opportunities to use it.

Our original strategy was to operate those three games with 60 players at each, but what’s actually happened is that the people in the community want to play more than one or two of our systems, and we’re hearing from players and crew that there’s too much choice! This has meant a few of our games have been undersubscribed.

We’ve also heard from players that scheduling fewer episodes of each game a year will help people’s budgets, as well as fitting the hobby around real life – and though we are proud that our events are actually pretty low-cost for the quality of the experience we provide, we also acknowledge the feedback from players who are disappointed they aren’t able to attend all the episodes of the games they want to play.

In response to this, and listening to all of you in the field throughout 2016, we have decided to scale back to two episodes of each game next year, instead of three.

This means we give players a better chance to carry their characters through every event, rather than having to dip in and out, and hopefully each event will be tip-top full and jam-packed with epic roleplay, battles, socials and shennanigans. It also means we can use our sites (and some new ones for 2017) to their best
potential. Less WILL be more!

Finally, we originally moved many of the Gunman Airsoft Filmsim Events to EYELarp, but these have proved to have been of less interest to the LRP community. Therefore these are moving back under the Gunman Airsoft umbrella. These include WW1, WW2, ‘Nam and Cold War events.

We hope this decision makes sense and you’re not too disappointed. The event list on our facebook page and website are being updated now

As always, all the best and thanks to all of you. Players and Crew are what makes EYELarp what it is, and we want to give you the best experiences we can in 2017 and well beyond!

All the best, and hope you have a fab festive season and a happy New Year.

Josh and the EYELarp team x

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