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Gulag – The Raid on Krasnodar Airfield

January 5 @ 8:00 pm - January 7 @ 3:00 pm

- Free - £25

FilmSim events and Eye Larp proudly presents…
GULAG pt5 ‘Raid on Krasnodar Airfield’
Gunman Airsoft – Tuddenham, Suffolk
January 5-7 2018
£65 pre-book only
ONLY 20 CREW places.

2026 – Prolog
Location: Eastern Bloc, in what was once Georgia.
It’s been over a decade since it happened and months since the fall of the Gulags in the region. Others came from the South and overran 13 Gulags in two days; one by one the radios went silent, screams and voices lost to the winds.

Our story follows a group of survivors that came together and with help from metro agents known as Rangers have begun to rebuild a new Gulag. 

‘Eagle 12’, as its been named, is in the Rangers ‘Eagle Region’ named so for its high altitude. Lost, deep in the mountain forests of old Northern Georgia, this area was chosen due to its dangerous environment. Not only is it high up in the mountains but also contaminated waters surround it making it dangerous, undesirable and a perfect place to hide away and be forgotten.

The Raid
After a tense few days with new arrivals both wishing to join the Gulag of Eagle 12, and some passing through, a new faction unheard of before has become apparent in the region. Using hi-tech suits, body armour and armed with western looking weapons, they have made contact with the Gulag.  Introducing themselves as ‘the Order’, they assured the Gulag members they meant no harm and were here to conduct soil tests trying to find a cure to the world’s poison. They demanded their scientists be allowed to conduct their work without hindrance. The Gulag believes there is a link between The Order and other scientists they have come across in the region over the past 4 months.

Before this issue with the Order became apparent, Uri, a Ranger of the Metro had found some details of an old freight airfield that looked intact and abandoned. Eagle 12 is the closest Gulag and so they had been chosen to carry out the raid. A few vehicles have been spotted en route, but will need fuelling. These could be very useful to help carry any loot found or a quick bug out if needed. The team is still going, even after the realisation the Order know where they are. A few members remained behind, hidden and with any supplies stashed to keep an eye on Eagle 12. The rest snuck out with a plan to rendezvous at a forested area at the back of Krasnador station, which is a short distance from the airfield.

It’s on…

You can find more info on the game page, and for photos of previous events visit Wyvern Larp.


January 5 @ 8:00 pm
January 7 @ 3:00 pm
Free - £25
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