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Jurassica Ep2: Messenger in the Stars

July 13 @ 8:00 pm - July 15 @ 3:00 pm

- Free - £25

FilmSim events and Eye LARP proudly presents…
Jurassica ‘THE CONGO’ – Ep2 ‘Messenger in the Stars’

£65 weekend with £25 deposit.
Capped at 40 players and up to 30 crew.
July 13-15th 2018

UPDATE: Initial ticket release sold out; second release goes on sale 0800 March 2nd 2018.

In 1993, a page of a diary was discovered tucked behind a brick in a thoroughly charming house in Woking, Surrey. It read:

15th October 1879
We have arrived in the most terrifying and desperate place you could imagine and our plight is severe. Only yesterday we were sipping Gin in the comfort of Port Albert and now we are lost, surrounded by giant lizards and being hunted, the screams of the beast and faces in the dark are beyond any horror I could or have imagined and some have lost their minds. The baggage carriers have fled and our supplies are strewn across jungle floor, though we are sure we could hear their guttural screams from afar. A man was devoured in front of me, yet no noise other that the bubbling blood from his mouth issued, another, a priest I think was murdered for some treachery and yet took to his feet after being pronounced dead and ran into the vegetation. What am I to make of all this insanity! We walked through a gate that closed behind us and cannot be found again. Night comes soon.

The stars are of no alignment anyone recognises, so now we journey blind with only feeble lanterns to light our way. A strange hissing and buzzing sound has started to issue from the jungle and has become a constant dread. What strange insect or creature is making this and is it following us or is it just the sound the jungle emanates? It’s all we can we can do to keep our sanity. Lights have been seen in the distance, and the sound of music and singing teases the edge of hearing. This journey is cursed but could this be another party? Maybe the Germans did find another way? It’s been decided we should investigate…

In early 2010, archivists at the Universite Marien Ngouabi, Brazzaville, unearthed a fragment of tattered paper tucked into the frame of an otherwise unremarkable accounts ledger dating from the late C19th. It read:

The Log of Captain Adalbert Echener of the Zeppelin Eins: 17th November 1879

0900hrs log report. The ‘Zeppelin Eins’ took to the air at 0820hrs precisely and is taking a Westerly course. We have rested at a lofty feet and travelling at a steady 24 to 28 mph against a northerly crosswind of 12 mph.
1000hrs log report. Steady as she goes, sustained height and speed.
1100hrs log report. Steady as she goes, sustained height and speed.
1200hrs log report. Steady as she goes, sustained height and speed.
1300hrs log report. Crosswind has picked up over the last hour. Speeds of 22mph have been recorded, our actual speed has suffered and I now rate us at around 17-21 mph
1400hrs log report. We have sustained minor damage to the left aft propeller. Technicians should have us repaired by 1600hrs. Winds escalating but Zeppelin Eins is still responding.
1600hrs log report. Possible last log entry, all engines have failed and high winds. Storm hit us at around 1440hrs with heavy rain and lightning. We have found a clear landing on a plateau to set down on and have already descended 18000 ft. The wind seams to be in our favor and is pushing us towards it.
1700hrs log report. A side wind has wrecked us, estimated over 100 mph. We were only 75 feet from a landing. A few injuries but no casualties; we have managed to save a number of the field packs and 1st Officer Nefen Fishner managed to drop the cargo baskets. After we got clear the fuel caught light and Zeppelin Eins has gone. This will be my last official captains’ log entry. I will know refer to my personal diary.

Welcome to the next installment of Jurassica: The Congo – A Very Jolly Adventure!

Friedrich Rohlfs and his French archeologist counterpart Rene Dussaud had always planned their own expedition, and although an agreement had been struck with the British Stanley Expedition, Rohlfs had not abandoned his own ideas and his secret technology to help him navigate the mountainous regions of the Congo. A hot air Balloon like no other has been secretly developed and arrived at Port Albert the day after the Stanley Expedition left. Delivered by one of the Kaiser’s impressive Imperial Sachsen Class Ironclad Warships, the SMS Bayern took dock further up the inlet, and had to transport the new ‘Zeppelin’ designed by Count Ferdinand Von Zeppelin in 1874.
This new vehicle has only had a number of short voyages on test but the glory it would afford the Empire when used for this grand expedition will truly put the German Imperial might ahead of all others. The decision to prepare the ‘Zeppelin’ came after a month had past since the Stanley Expedition had left Port Albert for the Congo through the old and abandoned French Imperial forts’ gateway and no word had been heard. When Rohlfs’ trackers returned from a scouting mission, they reported no tracks to follow which was impossible for a party of that size and (seeming) incompetence. Concerned the British Expedition had either rescinded on their agreement or simply vanished without a trace the ‘Plan’ was to go ahead. The Rholfs-Dussaurd Expedition would leave immediately with the blessing of Imperial Germany and its master Kaiser Wilhelm 1st … and a mission to beat the treacherous British to The Valley.

For this event, the party will start split; new players will be joining the Rohlfs-Dussard expedition.

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July 13 @ 8:00 pm
July 15 @ 3:00 pm
Free - £25
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