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Norsemen Sagas: Gods and Giants EP1 – Storm Bringer

November 24, 2017 @ 8:00 pm - November 26, 2017 @ 3:00 pm

- Free - £25

A new Norseman Saga begins! Gods and Giants
‘Ep1 Storm Bringer”
Eversley, Hampshire
£65/£75 on the gate.
Capped at 60 players and up to 30 crew.

The Rainmaker Saga has finished and what an amazing journey it has been, 12 events and 3 years later we are very excited to announce our new Saga ‘Gods and Giants’. This Saga will follow on from the last one, but with a different angle. In Rainmaker the enemy was the Christian churches and their Saxon bishops, traitor Kings and greedy Jarls. Enemies became kin through common worship and those set in the old law and way have fled their homes. 
The Rainmaker Saga finished with the exiles arriving in a new world and their tale is done, but only to lead into a new one.

Gods and Giants.

Early winter month of 887, Jarl Merca and the Yawlung clan have settled in a land they have found beyond the edges of the world. In this place the Gods walk among you and the spirits of land and sky talk to you. A forest folk, thought to be the Alvir, lead a party of Norseman from their settlement deep into the dark forest. After some hours of following the Alvir, the bewildered party arrived at an open glade, lush with green grass and in its centre, carved out of living rock, an ancient obelisk. Chisled into the stone was a statue was Joro, mother of Thor.
She was looking up to the sky, with one arm reaching for the heavens and in the other was a babe.

In awe, the party returned to their settlement and shared what they had seen, for this place was not just a new home but also possibly the home of the Gods, beyond the oceans and across the mists. For in this place the myths of the old world seemed to live. For in this place, what if Gods and Giants walked?

Welcome to our new Saga. Unlike Rainmaker which was a journey across lands and oceans set in a ‘real world’ setting, Gods and Giants is set in a mystical Norse world. Characters played in the original Rainmaker episodes are very welcome to join us. In the last story all those of the old ways fled their homes and followed Erik the Red on his outrageous adventure across the Atlantic and were never seen again.

Be you an old or new player to Norseman, you have arrived in this ‘New World’ on your own, in a ship full of strangers or as a Clan/Jarls party. To be a Jarl or clan leader, you only need 4 other Huscarls/Shield Maidens to accompany you.

To make your back-story, just wiki Vikings in 880s-90s and set it the ‘Real world’. You have fled to evade the Christian yoke, left because you had too or just wanted an adventure and arrived in a new world filled with wonder and possablities. Be doubters or believers, be fighters or mystics, be traders or artisans, be husbands and wives. All new players have an easy in.

We have introduced a drip-fed mystical and magical element to the game and expanded the games boundaries for us all to play in. As time goes on and we get more comfortable with these new fun elements, we will broaden it to include more of the Norse Mythology into the game.

There will also be a simple trading and coin system, so you can play a more varied style of game.

More information about the Norsemen Sagas is on the Game Page, and photos of previous events can be found at Wyvern Larp


November 24, 2017 @ 8:00 pm
November 26, 2017 @ 3:00 pm
Free - £25
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The Welsh Drive, Fleet Road
Eversley, Hampshire RG27 0PY United Kingdom
07854 277264


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