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Stand To!

September 7 @ 8:00 pm - September 9 @ 3:00 pm

- Free - £25

EYELarp Proudly Presents… STAND TO!

Episode 1: Orc’s Drift or Gods Save the Queen!

7-9 September 2018, Huntley Wood

Capped at 100 players

£65 with a £25 advance deposit. £75 on the door.


It is the year 2085 of the Round World.

It’s been 70 years since her Royal Majesty Queen Toria of Ankh, Empress of the Ankh Morpork Dominions came to power, succeeding Lord Vetinari after the Patrician’s mysterious disappearance.

Coupled with the support of the many houses of Lords, as well as (eventually) that of the guilds of the city, her reign has been overwhelmingly supported. Even the many kingdoms north of her capital have sworn loyalty to her rule and welcome the return of a royal bloodline.

During the last 70 years, Her Majesty has expanded her Empire and engulfed the Hub of the world with her steam engines, clacks towers and very modern approach to warfare. An understanding with the Tezuman Empire, Klatch and the Agatean Empire has brought prosperity but there are still hearts she is to conquer.

But she has faced challenges; a perhaps hasty expansion of influence into the High Ramptops led to a clash with the Lords and Ladies, leading to the first blooding of the Empress’s armies. Growth and progress, too, brought its own problems. As Ankh Morpork swelled with population and industry, discontent simmered. As the Empire aged and changed, many began to yearn for the ‘old days’, and the non-human races found themselves blamed for the changes in the world. As trouble ensued, many fled the city and returned to their ancestral homes, leaving the city watch and other government services undermanned for a shoot time.

That is when it happened…a portal, known as The Gate opened south of Borogravia and a horde of screaming Orcs poured forth… thousands of ’em!

Not caring who they attacked and with no strategic purpose other than total war upon the unfortunate, their blood-curdling and terrifying battle cries could be heard across all of Her Majesty’s western lands. The future looked bleak.

A year later and with an army of 10,000 conscripted Redcoats, the Empress of Ankh defeated the invasion of their enemy on the banks of the River Smarl. Her generals now look towards The Gate, which remains open, and are ready to take the fight back to the Evil Empire that blighted so much of her realm.

With flag, tiffin and many a hot beverage, it’s time to take the fight back to the enemy and take the fight into the New World. Stand To, Redcoats!


September 7 @ 8:00 pm
September 9 @ 3:00 pm
Free - £25
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The Welsh Drive, Fleet Road
Eversley, Hampshire RG27 0PY United Kingdom
07854 277264


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