Land Without A King: The Bones of Constantius

Land without a King EP5 – The Bones of Constantius
June 1-3 2018
£65 ticket price or FREE to CREW
The Welsh Drive, Eversley, Hampshire

Land Without a King is an Arthurian EYELarp game. Blending 15th century armour and arms in a world totally stolen from the dark ages 1980s’ epic film Excalibur. The event is made up of a number of Lordly houses that fight each other through tournaments or other devious manners to allow the head of the house to try and draw the sword from the stone and become King: ‘The King is the Land’

Uther, the first King of the Land lays dead, killed on a battlefield. In his final breath he plunged the Sword of Kings deep into a stone and proclaimed that only his blood or a champion worthy of the land will be able to draw it. Believed to be the heart of the dragon (The Land) the stone now rests in a glade and waits.

Plot outline for this event will be published shortly! You can find more info on the game page, and for photos of previous events visit Wyvern Larp.

Buccaneers of the Damned Pt10 – Discordia

FilmSim events and Eye LARP proudly presents…
Buccaneers of the Damned Pt10 ‘Discordia’
£65 pre-book or £85 on the gate.
Capped at 70 players and 30 crew.

November 10th 1720
“The best laid plans of mice and men do often gang awry”.

Pan and her agents have yet again infiltrated the townsfolk of Logan’s Bay; one could argue that as the ships’ crews become even more insular, Pan becomes stronger – as infighting and betrayal is rife within the camp, the shadows creep ever closer.

The Heron, a name associated with the unending shuffle of death, offers another handful of souls to test their fate upon the archipelago. What do these new arrivals know of the outside world? And is their arrival another ill-fated omen of darker powers at work?

‘Eris’, a name that garners a variety of opinions among those in Logan’s Bay, weaves a net of Discordia around the land… and as allies and friends turn to bloodshed and betrayal, her net draws tighter. As the party splits, fragmentation creates weakness, which may indeed spell the downfall of these intrepid explorers.

While Pan’s evil machinations have not gone entirely as intended, she has seemingly enticed more souls into her dastardly game. There is no denying the portal has been tampered with. While even the least magically attuned can sense the Gypsies’ magical wards around Logan’s Bay flicker out of existence. Those remaining in Logan’s Bay can practically taste decay on the air. Pan’s interference is rife, and they must helplessly defend the newly crowned ‘free port’ of Logan’s Bay. But will the attacking Hispano-Dutch alliance be the only forces attacking these lands?

You can find more info on the game page, and for photos of previous events visit Wyvern Larp.

Flying Lead: High Noon

Flying Lead – High Noon
May 4-6 2018
Shingle Springs, Eversley, Hampshire
Only £55 for the weekend with a £25 down payment.
£75 on the gate.

The Gold Rush is on and hundreds of people are arriving every week to try their luck in the creek, panning for gold. The boon has however brought with it claim-jumping gangs and the return of hostilities from the Blackfoot Injuns from the hills above the creek.
Army soldiers have been assigned to the town to deal with the Injun problem and Law Dogs, bounty hunters and Hoopel heads are looking to make their names and fortunes.

Although Guns are still totally banned from town, the carrying of hand weapons is not and a few stabbings later, the Law has its work cut out.

An old enemy of Shingle Springs has passed through Clarkston and is making their way to Shingle Springs. Trouble could be on its way. But the Color must still flow!

You can find more info on the game page, and for photos of previous events visit Wyvern Larp.