Buccaneers of the Damned

Details of this event will be published once the outcome of the previous instalment is known! You can find more info on the game page, and for photos of previous events visit Wyvern Larp.

Land Without A King

Details of this event will be published once the outcome of the previous instalment is known! You can find more info on the game page, and for photos of previous events visit Wyvern Larp.

Buccaneers of the Damned Pt10 – Discordia

FilmSim events and Eye LARP proudly presents…
Buccaneers of the Damned Pt10 ‘Discordia’
£65 pre-book or £85 on the gate.
Capped at 70 players and 30 crew.

November 10th 1720
“The best laid plans of mice and men do often gang awry”.

Pan and her agents have yet again infiltrated the townsfolk of Logan’s Bay; one could argue that as the ships’ crews become even more insular, Pan becomes stronger – as infighting and betrayal is rife within the camp, the shadows creep ever closer.

The Heron, a name associated with the unending shuffle of death, offers another handful of souls to test their fate upon the archipelago. What do these new arrivals know of the outside world? And is their arrival another ill-fated omen of darker powers at work?

‘Eris’, a name that garners a variety of opinions among those in Logan’s Bay, weaves a net of Discordia around the land… and as allies and friends turn to bloodshed and betrayal, her net draws tighter. As the party splits, fragmentation creates weakness, which may indeed spell the downfall of these intrepid explorers.

While Pan’s evil machinations have not gone entirely as intended, she has seemingly enticed more souls into her dastardly game. There is no denying the portal has been tampered with. While even the least magically attuned can sense the Gypsies’ magical wards around Logan’s Bay flicker out of existence. Those remaining in Logan’s Bay can practically taste decay on the air. Pan’s interference is rife, and they must helplessly defend the newly crowned ‘free port’ of Logan’s Bay. But will the attacking Hispano-Dutch alliance be the only forces attacking these lands?

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Flying Lead

Details of this event will be published once the outcome of the previous instalment is known! You can find more info on the game page, and for photos of previous events visit Wyvern Larp.


FilmSim events and Eye LARP proudly presents…

Gruntz ‘4’ – Sword of Damocles 

Eversley, Hampshire
£65 with a £25 deposit. Priority booking available for existing players and crew.
Capped at 40 players and up to 30 crew.
April 13-15 2018




Twenty-four hours ago, our surveillance station in the Galatian Expanse detected an un-coded message from the Weyland Yutani test facility on planet Damocles. The signal was broadcast for exactly thirteen seconds before it was terminated by a narrow-band jamming beam from a Wey-Yu deep space communications satellite within the expanse. The message said:
“Extraction Complete. item ready for transport.”

Wey-Yu immediately responded by withdrawing all corporate military forces from supporting the colonial marine offensive at Gaminus and dispatching them to Damocles. This has resulted in numerous colonial casualties in the Gaminus operation.

The CDFS Dick Cheney is to rendezvous with the civilian transport Pequod on route to Hawkin Station in the Galatian Expanse. 2BRAVO will then be transported to and covertly inserted onto planet Damocles. Planet Damocles is designated a type T testing zone and is garrisoned by corporate military contractors and must be treated as enemy combatants. 2BRAVO will disable Damocles’ FTL communications relay before conducting detailed reconnaissance of any Wey-Yu device or weapon being tested there before it is shipped off world.

This is a classified mission, lieutenant. Get in, get out, and don’t let any of your gruntz get captured.

Good hunting, Lieutenant!

Gruntz 4 – Swords of Damocles

The Gruntz are returning to action, and the stakes have never been higher! Contacted by his ally in High Command, Lt. Pike and the marines of 2BRAVO are being withdrawn from combat in the Gaminus Cluster and dispatched on a top secret covert operation to the corporation-controlled world of Damocles, in the remote Galatian Expanse.

What exactly have Wey-Yu been up to out there at this latest T-site? They’ve already built one secret weapon in their bid for corporate domination, and now after having infiltrated the Office of Naval Intelligence, it seems they’re at it again. It appears the hapless of Gruntz of 2BRAVO have found themselves once again caught up in a web of military and corporate intrigue of galaxy-spanning proportions.

So, expect a tense operation of stealth, patient reconnaissance, lightning raids and – of course – total and utter carnage! Join the intrepid gruntz of the Colonial Defence Marine Corp as they get their boots on the ground once more, and prove once and for all, nothing says ‘stealth’ like an M56 smartgun light support weapon and a 40mm grenade launcher!


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Five Kingdoms – Kaldoom Unleashed

FilmSim events and Eye LARP proudly presents…
The Five Kingdoms – Season 2 Ep2 ‘Kaldoom Unleashed’
April 6-7 2018
The Welsh drive, Eversley, Hampshire
£65/£75 on the gate. Please see booking details below.
Capped at 40 players and up to 20 crew.

The tales of the FIVE KINGDOMS
‘Kaldoom Unleashed’

The year is 1005

It has been over a thousand years since the flames of Leomass, the Psion of the white tower of the East fell to the world. Cast out of the realm of the Gods, his fires lit the skies of the land of Bara’ghost and its great cities of kings fell under his will. Only Five Kingdoms stood against him.

The once-consuming Kingdom killer, the Dead Forest, the Psions’ greatest weapon against the world has been undone by the return of an ancient advisary and now the land changes once more. For centuries the realms of Bara’ghost have been broken and lost to each other until now…

‘Kaldoom Unleashed’

The Voice of the Setti has been lost to an Archanist working with the Makutt of Kaldoom.

This tragedy will be felt across the lands of grace and into the far reaches of the Ash Desert, home to the spiritual pontiff of the ascension.

However, her sacrifice wasn’t in vain, for now the Overseer of the Makutt has lost the knowledge he wished to gain and the secrets of the ascension are still safe. One thing that is clear is the Makutt have been waiting and preparing for a long time for the dead forests to be dispelled and are ready, though the Overseer has unwittingly shown his hand through his actions and loose-tongued servants; he wishes for nothing less than the domination of the land and the dawn of his new Empire…


You can find more info on the game page, and for photos of previous events visit Wyvern Larp.

Norsemen Sagas – Gods and Giant Ep 2: Key of Yggdrasil

Eversley, Hampshire
£65/£75 on the gate.
Capped at 40 players and up to 30 crew.
March 23-25 2018

Gods and Giants.
Midgard is lost to the might of the God Child and his treacherous mind. Many Norse have fled across the vast western seas with the promise of new lands, for Erik the Red promised it so. He now lies spent in this world and is welcomed in the Halls of his Fathers, for his purpose is fulfilled.

This new world is Alfheim and the Ljosalfa, Light Elves, have welcomed their distant kin with gifts of land, though their appearance and ways are very different to those of Midgard. The peoples of Midgard were followed by an enemy of great power and have also become part of a greater tale, for the Dokkalfar, the Dark Elves that live beneath earth of Alfheim, made a pact with the Giants of Jotanheim. The Dokkalfar have built a great rope ladder from their world to Jotanheim and have brought the Jotan and their mountains to Alfheim. It is said they have also been banished from Midgard and can no longer influence its people. Now they search for a seed of Yggdrasil so they may grow they own world tree and from its great height bring war to Asgard. The war for Alfheim has begun and in its casting lies a greater war. The War of Gods and Giants.

A Key to Yggdrasil.
It is a mid-winter month of 887. High Jarl Merca and Jarl Borg of Daneland have made peace. Merca, after a long trial of combat and cunning, defeated Borg and as agreed by them and witnessed by the Gods, he now sits as High Jarl of Bjorngard. Borg and his people have moved to the South of the gifted lands and have begun to make homes, till fields and prepare the baskets of grain they brought with them for sowing. Prosperity has taken root.

However…After the treachery of the Dokkalfar, the rising of the Jotan’s mountains and their purpose now exposed, the Jarls have no time to waste. The Ljosalfar have promised them aid, but cannot cross the Blood River as its waters are poison to them. Jarl Borg has agreed to send boats up the river and find the source of its poison and help free the Ljosalfar, meanwhile Jarl Merca and his people, now gifted with a dream from the Ljosalfar, know the location of the seed the jotan search for. The will take a party across the deep forests to the place where the seed is hidden. If they can recover it before the Jotan and get it back to the Ljosalfar, the great mystics of the Elves will hide it away in a place the Jotan cannot look. In the back of their minds, the party knows ‘Havard’, the enemy that has plagued them from Midgard and across the seas has some knowledge of what’s happening. For he had an unwilling thrall within Bjorngard doing his bidding and keeping him informed of what she heard and saw.

Now the race to the Key begins.

You can find more info on the game page, and for photos of previous events visit Wyvern Larp.

Land Without A King – The Breach

Capped at 40 players and 20 crew.

£65 with a £25 deposit. £75 on the gate.

Land Without a King: The Breach!

My Lords, Ladies and Knights of the Realm,

I write to you in great haste on a matter of the utmost urgency. It has been five days since the knights and their retinues took ship from Bristol for the west coast of Cambria in search of a mythical treasure with which to cure the madness that has befallen the land.
Today we received a message borne by homing bird. Its contents fill me with dread.

‘Our knights are encircled and besieged by gathering tribes of the Fallen. There are hundreds approaching the inlet. We are cut off and cannot reach the fort. The boats cannot be saved. Please help us. They are coming.’ – John Moklowe, Master of Ships.

I therefore urgently request that those loyal to the banner of Pendragon attend on me at Bristol, so armed and arrayed as to lift the siege. Our fellows are outnumbered and surrounded in the twisted dark forests of Estregales. We cannot forsake them.

Your faithful servant,
Walter Devereaux, Herald of the Garter

Land Without a King 4: The Breach!

Hundreds of miles from home, surrounded and outnumbered in a haunted forest with only the creaking timbers of an ancient fort between them and annihilation. Have the knights of Pendragon finally met their doom?

Only you can make that decision. Only you can ride to their rescue and keep the flame of Albion alight.

LWaK 4: The Breach! will put players in the centre of one of the most perilous of medieval battles, a siege! For a week now, the brave knights and their retainers who travelled to Estregales to retrieve a mystical artefact have been fighting for their very lives against hordes of insane Welsh tribesmen known only as “The Fallen”.

This event will see the characters manning the defences of a purpose-built hill fort, complete with lockable gates, guard towers and battlements! There will be flaming arrows, boiling oil, catapults and battering rams galore, while the defenders must not only fight for freedom but also struggle to unearth the mysteries of the forest to unlock the secret of the Holy Grail!

You can find more info on the game page, and for photos of previous events visit Wyvern Larp.