Gods and Giants pt4 The river of the world tree

FilmSim events and Eye LARP proudly presents…
Gods and Gaints – A Viking Saga
‘Ep4 The River of the world tree’
Eversley, Hampshire
£75 with an early bird booking discount of £10 if deposit is paid before January 2019. Please see booking details below.
Capped at 40 players and up to 30 crew.
February 22-24 2019

The party is now preparing for the long journey to the source of the curse, which lies deep within their enemies held territories. They must change the words of the curse and clear the blood stained waters of the river to clear and purify it and unbind the Ljosalfar from their forbidden western bank and allow the light elves to pass into the gifted lands. Together they will wage war on the Svartalfar and the Jotan of Jotanheim.

Welcome to Gods and Giants. Unlike Rainmaker which was a journey across lands and oceans set in a ‘real world’ setting, Gods and Giants is set in a mystical Norse world. Character played in the original Rainmaker episodes are very welcome to join us as in the story all those of the old ways fled and followed Erik the Red on his outrageous adventure across the Atlantic and never seen again.

Be you an old or new player to Norseman, you have arrived in this ‘New World’ on your own in a ship full of strangers or as a Clan/Jarls party. To be a Jarl or clan leader, you only need 4 other Huscarls/Shield Maidens to accompany you.
To make your back-story, just wiki Vikings in 880s-90s and set it the ‘Real world’.
You have fled to evade the Christian yoke, left because you had too or just wanted an adventure and arrived in a new world filled with wonder and possibilities. Be doubters or believers, be fighters of mystics, be traders or artisans, be husbands and wives. All new players have a very good in.

Early bird ticket price is £65 if the deposit is paid before its expiry date, then the ticket will be £75. To secure your place we ask for a non-refundable part payment of a deposit to be paid. The £40 balance to be paid on the gate.
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