Crewing at EYE Larp Events!

Crewing at Eye Larp Events

A huge thanks to all who have crewed our epic EYE Larp events for the past few years. Crew are the lifeblood of any LARP system, and crewing is always free at our events. We also make a point of ensuring that crew at our events get the opportunity to roleplay and develop NPC characters as well as getting some monster time! We have oodles of kit and clobber for crew, so you shouldn’t have to worry to much about costume, either.

We have now decided to enrich the crewing experience with a £5 voucher that can be used against other EYE Larp events. In short, if you crew an event from the Friday until the Sunday and help with set up and take down, we will reward you with a £5 voucher that can be used against a player place on another event. You can use up to 6 vouchers at a time giving up to £30 off the events you want to play.

This is as well as the usual Bacon Buttie in the morning, and we’ll keep you fuelled with tea and coffee all day too!

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