Stand To! Postponement Announcement

Hi all,

I’m afraid we have had to make a decision to postpone March’s Stand To! event.

The long and the short of the decision is that moving the game to Huntley Wood means that a lot of players who were booked in now can’t attend. The change of site was entirely down to a cock-up double-booking on our part, and we apologise sincerely for it.

We do still have enough players for a game in March, but on consideration we think the best idea is to wait until September, and run the event at Eversley. That’s primarily so that the players who got behind the event from the go can attend, but also because we want to make sure the game is as absolutely brill as it can be. Discworld is just as important to us as it is to the players who booked on, and we want to do it justice.

So, the first Stand To! will now take place on Sept 7-9 2018 at Eversley.

What this means for players who have already booked:

If you have a booking for March’s event, you can either transfer your deposit to the September game (or any other EYELarp event), or we will refund your deposit.
If you transfer you ticket to the September game, we will sort the rest of your ticket of £40 out in recompense for the unfortunate messing around. These ‘Golden Tickets’ are not movable and cannot be given over to a third party.

Other changes

We’ve also had a lot of feedback and questions which we want to factor into the game. The biggest single question has been whether people can play Trolls, Dwarves, Golems or any of the other non-human races. We’d originally planned to only allow those characters from Ep 2 onwards, but given the amount of interest, we’ve decided to change that. Kit and character guides for all of those will be published shortly.

Once again, sorry that we have had to postpone this event. We’re genuinely gutted, but we do want to make sure it can be as epic as possible, and waiting to September seems the sensible thing to do.

Josh and Oz

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