EYELarp – Basic Rules and Information

2018 protocols for EYElarp and Eversley.

Everyone will be expected to read this before arriving.

Site Safety
• The woodland and scrubland areas have been fairly untouched, so mind your footing, watch for low branches and do not climb up trees.
• Only climb on structures with steps, and no more than 4 people on any one structure at a time.
• Do not go beyond the gaming areas.

Fire Points and First Aid
• In case of an uncontrolled fire, all persons must make their way to the Safe Zone.
• The First Aid Point is at the the Safe Zone. We can only deal with scratches and scrapes; for anything worse you will have to go to A&E or call an ambulance.
• All fire pits MUST be off the ground and no naked flames are allowed in the buildings or huts unless they are in an appropriately approved holder. You MUST have a fire bucket at hand if using your own open fire.

Weapon Safety
• Head hits should be avoided at all times, but head hits do count.
• All swings of a weapon MUST be heroic, and pulled at the last minute.
• No stabbing allowed unless the weapon is stab safe.
• All arrows must be checked before use.
• Any bow firing greater than 30lb will be marked, will have a strict 30m engagement range and may not be fired directly at an enemy. We will allow up to 45lb bows.

Behaviour – shame this should even be a thing!!
• You are expected to act in a respectful and inclusive manner and don’t choose a character type that behaves in a manner that WILL offend others out of game. However, this goes the same as for over-sensitive behaviour.
• All EYElarp games are gender neutral and we don’t expect people to conform to particular gender roles – that choice is very much in the hands of the player. However do not take a role on that is unachievable, and please make sure roles fall within the boundaries of the brief given.
• Real-world Political and Social ideologies must be left at the gate and not brought into the weekend. Anyone found pushing or openly behaving in a way that is NOT within the game brief will be asked to leave.
• Any directed assault should immediately be taken up with the organiser so an appropriate measure can be taken. This may mean the end of the game and Police involved, or the removal of said person from the site.

• Please monitor your drinking; these are social events, but utter drunkenness will not be tolerated. EYELarp runs high quality FilmSim events that are serious role play games. If you are spotted unable to control yourself, you will be asked to leave the game and sleep it off.

• Smoking must be done in open spaces and be as in keeping with the game as possible.
• EYELarp will bring water on site for general use after boiling. All drinking water must be provided by yourself.
• There will be a generator onsite, but no power is provided to in the in-character camp.
• We only have Tardis-loos on site, please SIT only. Boys, feel free to take a wander and be with nature!

Crew and Players
We see no difference between player or crew; both have come to have fun and play let’s pretend. The player has paid to have the adventure and the crew have chosen to support the player in being the player’s encounters. Both should treat each other with respect and work to create the best story possible for everyone. We don’t have a head ref, just a whole field of guys who know the brief and want to make the best ‘FilmSim’ experience they can. We’re not about CHEAT CALLING or heavy-handed reffing and will only get involved with encouragement for people to play a better game. If anyone steps continually out of the brief, they will be asked to step out of the game and assess whether they are at the right kind of event.

3 long blows – Game over/stop game.

Verbal CAlls (all out of game)

‘BROKEN LINES’ – The fighting has got too involved and everyone needs to check their before someone gets hurt. Break fighting and in game re-organise your lines.

‘KEEP ENGAGED’ – The hit-taking has gone to pot, and poor reactions are making us all look very silly-rubber-sword-wobblers. This call is a global reminder that others are waiting to heal you/repair your armour and by NOT reacting to hits, you are taking away their role-play and demoralising other participants’ efforts.

The whistle has been blown three times.

Game play must stop and all players stay where they are until one blast of the whistle starts the game again,
or Refs calls the game to a close.

Make sure all your rubbish goes in the skip provided; please don’t litter the site.

We are here solely to make sure you have the very best experience; it’s now in your hands!

Some Other Basic Rules
Give gameplay to everyone, react to everything around you and don’t expect others to react the way you thought they might. If you are hit during combat, react and if the blow/shot is deemed a good one, fall to the ground and seek help (a bandage at least) for there are people whose roles you’re taking away by not playing the game fully.

Most of our games are hard skills, so if you can do it, you can do it – but effort is everything and as long as you’re within the spirit of the game, it will work. If the game you’re taking part in also includes airsoft, there will be an airsoft safety briefing.

Some of our games have mechanics for making things happen – for example. Gruntz uses a cool pack of cards system. Just make sure you’re aware of these extra rules.

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