The Five Kingdoms S2 E6 – ‘The Voice of a God’

FilmSim events and Eye LARP proudly presents a Josh Smith production:

The Five Kingdoms S2 E6

‘The Voice of a God’

 2nd August – 4th August 2019.

Welsh Drive, Eversley

Tickets price £75 for the Early Bird with a £35 deposit until the 31st May 2019. Ticket Price from the 1st June will be £85 with a £45 deposit Please see booking details below. We have 40 players tickets and up to 30 crew.

Story So Far

More to come, keep an eye out!




The game will start friday 2nd August

Registration will be open from 17:00

safety and game brief will be at 20:00

time in will be 21:00 till 01:30 Friday. 10:00 till 01:30 Saturday  10:00 till 14:00 sunday

Please join our Facebook page The Five Kingdoms it is a close group please request to join.