Frequently Ask Questions


There are some of our most frequently asked questions. Please read through these before contacting our team via the Facebook Page: HERE

Q. I’ve bought a ticket for an event but haven’t received a confirmation email. Do I have a ticket?

A. Check your account in the EYELarp website, this should show all currently held tickets. If you checked out as a guest please check your PayPal account; if the payment has gone through you’re on our list. – Confirmation emails are sent out when the tickets are manually processed on our website which may be 1-2 weeks after the ticket launch. They often get caught in spam filters, so may not get to you at all. Our ticket lists are processed manually and checked against payments, so if you purchased a ticket and payment has been made, you will be on our list at registration.

Q. I have a ticket but can no longer attend, what should I do?

A. For our games, which have a waiting list, please get in touch so we can offer the ticket to the next person on the list. For all other events you can sell on the part-payment ticket to someone who’s interested – posting in the Facebook group of the game in question or the unofficial EYELarp discord is usually the best place to start. – Once sold, let us know via our Facebook inbox or email that it’s been sold on and to whom. – You MUST inform us if there is a change of ownership so we can ensure our safety procedures can be carried out. – The person purchasing the ticket MUST also get in touch so we can gather the information we need to transfer the ticket. The ticket balance (usually £40) is payable at registration by the new ticket holder. – Ticket transfers cannot be processed in the 24 hours before an event, as we are already on site setting up the game.

Q. I’ve bought a ticket from another player, what should I do next?

A. Get in touch via our Facebook inbox or email so we can update our records and get the additional information we need to transfer the ticket to you.

Q. I’ve purchased a part-payment ticket from the EYELarp website, what’s next?

A. Read the design document for the game, which is on the relevant game page of the website and make sure you understand how to make a character that fits into the setting. Some games also have additional costume guides. – On the Friday of the event in question, all players must sign in between 6pm and 9pm for security and insurance purposes, and pay the remaining balance on their ticket, which is usually £40.

Q. I can’t make an event, can I have a refund?

A. Unfortunately the part-payment purchased through our website is non-refundable. We use that budget to pay for site rental, toilets, water, crew food and all the other elements that make up setting up the game. If you do not attend the game, we’re already out of pocket the remaining balance of your ticket, usually £40.

Q. Can I move my ticket to another event?

A. Unfortunately not. Over the 2020/21 period we moved thousands of pounds worth of tickets indefinitely, and it took until July 2022 to clear that backlog, during which time we were on the equivalent of half-pay. We cannot budget for games, or pay ourselves a livable wage if we do not sell the requisite number of tickets for each game. – In some extenuating circumstances we may elect to move tickets on a compassionate basis, including bereavement, serious illness and injury, and COVID19 diagnosis.

Q. I can’t make it to Flying Lead: Smoke & Brass/Flying Lead Nightmare, what should I do?

A. Get in touch and we’ll offer your ticket to the next person on the waiting list. If we have a taker, we’ll refund your ticket once we have equivalent payment from them. – This is not possible to process in the 24 hours before an event.

Q. I sent a message to the EYELarp Facebook or email inbox and haven’t received a reply yet, what should I do?

A. We are in the woods without internet every weekend and for the majority of the week, but aim to have one office day a week, usually Wednesdays. If you do not hear back by 5pm on the following Wednesday, send us a follow up, sometimes messages can get stuck in spam filters.

Q. It’s the day of the event and I can no longer attend, can I offer my ticket out for free?

A. You can, but at this point we are already at site setting up and are unable to process a ticket transfer. You must inform the new ticket holder that they must arrive on the Friday night before 8pm to attend the mandatory site safety briefing, and pay the remaining balance of the ticket, usually £40. – We have recently had confusion over “free” tickets being transferred without the information that it is only the initial part-payment that has been covered by the previous ticket holder, and the balance is still to pay.

Q. I have crew credit from crewing games, how do I use this?

A. Crewing a full weekend at EYELarp (Friday-Sunday) gains you £5 of crew credit to use at the EYELarp event of your choice. This stacks up to £30, which can be used against the balance of your ticket at registration. – Purchase a ticket as normal on the website, the discount is deducted from the balance paid at the event, not the initial part-payment.

Q. What time should I arrive for the event?

A. You can arrive on the Friday of the event at any time after 10am. – We ask all attendees to make every effort to arrive before 8pm so they can register their attendance, pay the balance of their ticket, and attend the mandatory safety briefing before the game begins at 9pm. – You cannot go into the game area without either attending this briefing or reading the briefing after that point. – If you cannot attend the Friday of the event, you must arrive by 9.30am on Saturday so you can register your attendance, pay the balance of your ticket and read the mandatory safety briefing. – We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone arriving after this point, as the game is in progress and all the game team are occupied managing other areas of the event