• EYELarp

    Immersive, organic LARP events

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  • Hoist the Colours

    Yo ho yo ho a pirate’s life for me…

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  • Second Breakfast

    Tomfoolery and teacakes

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  • The Five Kingdoms

    Quest-based adventures in a fantasy world

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  • Flying Lead: Smoke & Brass

    Gunslinging in the Ol’ West

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  • Legio SPQR

    Join the worst Legion in the best army in the known world

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  • HADES2.0

    Don’t Look Back

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  • Bindrune

    Claim your place in Valhalla

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  • Flying Lead: Nightmare

    Horror and mayhem in the Old West… Will you survive?

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New to EYELarp?

Low rules – high immersion.

EYELarp runs everything from Roman Legionnaires fighting for the Republic to futuristic Colonial Marines, and high fantasy to wild west, out of our award-winning site in Eversley, Hampshire – come and play.

Whatever the genre, EYELarp has you covered. We specialise in high production values and immersive environments, meaning you feel like the protagonist of your very own movie.

Our award winning home site at Gunman Airsoft Eversley is an hour west of London and is constantly being updated to suit the next big adventure – our events are an opportunity to step away from the day-to-day, immerse yourself in a character and a new epic environment, and leave the real world behind for a few days.

Come along and join us for the ride!

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