Site Safety: 

  • The woodland and scrubland areas have been fairly untouched so mind your footing, watch out for low branches and please do not climb trees. 
  • Only climb on the two structures with steps – the Gatehouse at the Wall (also called the Fort) which can take 5 people on it, and the two watch towers in the Viking Village which can take 3 people on each. 
  • Please do not go beyond the boundaries of the gaming areas and be aware of your conduct when in sight of the public using the footpaths surrounding our site. Three boundary lines are marked by roads and the fourth backs on to a private garden, with the boundary marked by “minefield” signs. 

Fire Points and First Aid: 

  • In case of uncontrolled fire, all persons must make their way to the SAFE ZONE (the car park). 
  • The first aid point is also the Safe Zone – we can deal with simple cuts, scrapes and burns but any worse and you’ll have to go to A&E or call an ambulance. 
  • All fire pits MUST be off the ground and preferably also on a solid paving slab base. Fire buckets are situated in the major settlements and spares are kept behind the tavern building in the Viking Village, and they can be refilled from the water cubes next to the site office. You MUST have a fire bucket at hand if using your own open fire. 

Site Buildings: 

  • We have the benefit of 3 settlements that have been built by the community here in the last few years. Some of these may be available for sleeping in or using in-game. 
  • The agreement builders here make is that they get first dibs on any structure they build, but they are available to be used by players or crew when they’re not around. 
  • The buildings are first-come, first-served, and we don’t hold any buildings for groups except in exceptional circumstances. 
  • Please treat the buildings with respect, leave them in the condition you found them and adhere to any rules posted inside by the owners. 
  • Please also leave the wood yard as it is and do not take any wood from it for burning – it has been allocated for future building works. Kindling is available in the wood store, and large logs are left in designated places for the communal fires. 

Weapon Safety: 

  • Head hits should be avoided at all times. 
  • All swings of a weapon MUST be pulled at the last moment to lessen the impact of the hit. 
  • There are no damage calls in EyeLarp, but it doesn’t hurt to scream out dramatically to give the person a clue you’re hitting them. 
  • If you’re doing a weird ranged effect it doesn’t hurt to get your target’s attention so they know you’re a) doing something to them b) doing something with an OFFENSIVE effect! 
  • Try and express the weight of the item you’re using – sword blows should be BIG DRAMATIC SWINGS etc. We promote Hero Fighting – cinematic, OTT, swings and visceral, theatrical reactions when you’re hit! If you go in doing ‘tippy tappy’ fighting then don’t be surprised if your heavily-armoured enemy doesn’t react other than to curse the fact you’ve muddied their pauldrons. On the other hand, if a Greeblie Monster latches on to your arm with its mouth full of Really Sharp Teeth, it’s going to have hurt – so roleplay like you’ve felt it! 
  • You’re dead when you think you *should* be dead. 
  • All arrows must be checked before use. 
  • All bows must have a draw weight of less than 30lbs. 

Behaviour and Conduct 

  • All EyeLarp games are gender neutral and don’t expect people to conform to particular gender roles. 
  • You are expected to act in a respectful and inclusive manner and don’t choose a character type that behaves in a manner that will offend others out of game. 
  • Anyone found pushing or openly behaving in a way that is NOT within the game brief will be asked to leave. 
  • Please remember that the people around you may have been affected by issues you want to play out in game. Checking in with other players beforehand is encouraged and subtly going OC to do this shouldn’t be considered immersion breaking. 
  • Real world political and social ideologies must be left at the door and not brought into the weekend. 
  • Any directed assault or harassment should immediately be taken up with the site wardens or organiser so appropriate measures can be taken. This may mean the end of the game and police involvement or the removal of said person from the site. 

Drinking and Smoking: 

  • Please monitor your drinking, this is a social event but utter drunkenness will not be tolerated. EyeLarp runs high quality FilmSim events that are serious roleplay games. If you are spotted unable to control yourself you will be asked to leave the game to sleep it off. 
  • Smoking and vaping must be done in open spaces and be as in-keeping with the game as possible. If vaping, please keep them on low settings to avoid the “dragon effect” or other players may think you’re a monster encounter. 
  • The ground Eversley sits on is mostly peat, so we have to be very careful about ground fires. Please do not throw cigarette butts on the ground, instead stub them and put them in a pocket or pouch or directly in the bin. We had a close call at an airsoft event in 2018 after a cigarette started a fire and the fire service had to pump 40,000 litres of water into the site to ensure the peat layer hadn’t caught. If the weather has been hot and dry before an event we have to be particularly aware of this! 


  • We only have tardis style loos onsite, these are for SITTING ONLY. Anyone found lightsabring will be handed cleaning supplies! 
  • We are situated in 65 acres of forest, so feel free to be one with nature, but before you wee in a bush please check it for crew! 
  • Spare sanitary supplies are available in the site office – help yourself and let us know if they need to be restocked. 
  • There are clip-on lights in each of the loos, please let us know if they need new batteries. 
  • Bins are situated behind the toilets, please make sure all your rubbish gets bagged and put in them or taken away with you at the end of the event, please don’t litter our forest. 

Crew and Players: 

We see no difference in player or crew, both have come to have fun and play let’s pretend. Both should treat each other with respect and work to create the best story possible for everyone. 

We’re not about cheat calling or heavy-handed reffing and will only get involved with encouragement for people to play a better game. If anyone steps continually out of the brief they will be asked to step out of the game and assess whether they are at the right kind of event. 

The basic rules of EyeLarp games are: give game to everyone, react to everything around you and don’t expect others to react the way you thought. If you are hit during combat, react and give game to those players who are playing healers. 

Most of the game is hard skills, so if you can do it, you can do it, but effort is everything and as long as you’re within the spirit of the game it may well work!