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Flying Lead: Smoke & Brass – Episode 9: Judgement

March 29 @ 2:00 pm - March 31 @ 2:00 pm

- £50.00 – £65.00

FilmSim events and EYELarp proudly presents a Johnny Fisher & Isaac Mallon production:

Flying Lead: Smoke & Brass

Episode 9: Judgement

The FINAL Episode.

March 29th – 31st 2024.

Welsh Drive, Eversley

Tickets priced at £90 for the Early Bird with a £50 part-payment until the 3rd January 2024.
Tickets priced at £100 with a £60 part-payment from the 4th January 2024.

There will also be tickets with the commemorative Poker chip made by Spike from the Bearded Pig Forge for £15 included in the deposit price.

Please see booking details below.

Tickets are for Previous Players Only for the first week December 6th – 13th

– if you aren’t a returning player and purchase a ticket during that window, your ticket will be refunded.

Tickets capped at 75 players and Crew via the invitational form here.

Story So Far:

The first three-event “arc” was centred around the escape from justice of the Outlaw Henry King, and his rise to control the local criminals under his gang, the Kingsmen and attempt regain everything he had lost – his riches, power and wife.

His now ex-wife was revealed to be none other than Beulah-May, Goodwill’s brand new schoolmistress, who was pardoned and allowed to continue in her new life away from King’s wicked influence.

Soon after, the Fair came to town, and with it two grand tournaments – one needing swiftness of wit, one swiftness of hand. The poker tournament was won, making one lady somewhat richer than before, and the quick-draw competition left many hopefuls bleeding in the street, with the last two standing resorting to knives and first blood.

In the meantime the Riley – or O’Riley, depending on which of them you ask – clan was gaining boldness and blocking travel and trade in the region, even going so far as to shoot Sheriff Carver, until a settlement was reached to pay them a tax in exchange for peace. Not all were happy with this decision, and more than one person resorted to firearms over it.

With the celebrations of Independence Day came fireworks and fun, but also Juno Valley’s own kind of democracy, with the Mayoral Elections swiftly approaching. Standing on a platform of justice and an end to the Riley Agreement, Mayor Jack Carson was elected, and by the end one of only two of the original four candidates to survive the race. Hey, we never said Juno Valley was a safe place for politicians.

Aided by some tip-offs from the criminal underbelly of New Austen, the Sheriff’s Office and Pinkerton Detective Agency worked together to snare Henry King and his posse in his own trap – in Sweetwater where he planned to kidnap Beulah and force her to take him back. But the Law won through, and the gallows that were built for him were finally put to use.


The second arc focused on the Brotherhood of the Second Coming, a religious sect who were spreading their own brand of Religion through New Austin.

The new Mayor, Jack Carson showed he wasn’t just a yes man by dealing with the Riley Clan in an onslaught that decimated the family. His “no prisoners” stance proved popular with some residents, although there were some that said that those who live by the sword are sure to die by them too.

With law and order brought to the valley, a new religious sect out of Utah found a footing nearby. The Brotherhood of the Second Coming had made themselves known, but it had yet to be seen if the fire and brimstone they spout was true or just the frothing of zealots seeking power in this remote spit of land.

While the ugly head of politics was reared amongst the law-bringing folks in clashes between Sheriff Carver’s Deputies and the Pinkerton Detective Agency, the arts were brought into the spotlight by the Juno Valley Symposium of Arts, who displayed several new works by up-and-coming artists of the region.

This new era of stability has lured fresh blood to some of the vacant lots in Goodwill, for those who can afford to rebuild the streets and shops that were once burned to the ground by Henry King and the Kingsmen. One Fauna Fortuna – according to her handbills a well-regarded herbalist and spiritualist – opened shop next door to Jakob’s, and was met with much excitement by those ‘sensitive’-minded locals looking for answers from the beyond.

Juno Valley was again covered in the blood of the innocent, the faithful and the lost. The Church of the Second Coming, with their doctrine of cleansing the unjust, unfaithful and those they declare sinners sent warning after warning that the people of Juno would be next to fall to the righteousness of their belief, sending their zealous followers to lay siege to Juno and those that came to the sinful Juno Valley Valentine’s Ball.

A day of full chaos and bloodshed followed, with many wounded, dying and dead on both sides. It seemed at one point that Goodwill and Sweetwater would fall but with true grit and determination the Second Coming’s zealots were pushed back out of Juno Valley. Many now call that day “The day of bloody roses”.

Once the smoke and dust settled, Mayor Jack Carson – defiant to the core – declared that Juno valley is at war with the Second Coming, and that Juno is a place of free faith and forward thinking, and declared that the town will be holding a Beltane Festival and Fair – on the final day of which, the High Priestess of the Second Coming was revealed to be hiding in plain sight, and arrested by the Law-abiding folks of the town.


In the third arc, the story has revolved around the coming of the railway, technology and globalisation marking the last days of the frontier of the Old West.

With the Goodwill Town Council opening the brand-spanking new Community Hall with a harvest festival kicking off the celebrations, Beulah-May and the other town stalwarts welcomed in an investor from the big city, Mr Henry Wallington – a cattle baron by trade.

Juno Valley has no patience for lawbreakers, and justice is just a quickdraw away. They say better the devil you know, but what if the villain comes to Goodwill bearing good will? And Bearer’s bonds? What if Mr Wallington’s charity has a price too high for the folks of this simple valley to be able to pay? The sticks of dynamite rigged to blow in the Screamin’ Horn Saloon may be a rather final answer to that question.

A man with fingers in many pies and hands in many pocketbooks, Mr Wallington’s operation was scoped out by the locals of Juno Valley by the lawkeepers as well as those with less salubrious connections. The gang he’d hired to cause trouble was taken by a posse of Pinkertons and deputies, and a mining camp used to launder gold was ransacked for evidence of his crimes. Finally a crack team of gamblers and entertainers gained entry to a high-stakes poker match where they were able to get access to Wallington’s closest confidant – Miss Jasmine de Witt – and find out what he was really planning…

As the months draw on and the new year turns around, Juno Valley waits with baited breath… But at least the newly elected Mayor Beulah-May has got the bar is serving drinks again!



The game will run from Friday 29th  – Sunday 31st March 2024

Registration will be open from 17:00, with a safety and game brief will be at 20:00

Time in will be:

21:00 till 01:00 Friday,

10:00 till 01:00 Saturday,

And 10:00 till 13:00 Sunday


Feel free to join the Flying Lead: Smoke & Brass Facebook group: Smoke & Brass

With the event falling on the Easter bank holiday, we will be allowing people to stay over on the Sunday night for a farewell party to this epic game!


March 29 @ 2:00 pm
March 31 @ 2:00 pm
£50.00 – £65.00
Event Category:


Johnny Fisher


Gunman Airsoft Eversley Alpha
The Welsh Drive, Fleet Road
Eversley, Hampshire RG27 0QB United Kingdom
+ Google Map
07854 277264
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