FilmSim events and Eye LARP proudly presents a Michael Lawn & Sarah Lawn production:



January 24th – 26th 2020.

Welsh Drive, Eversley

Tickets price £75 for the Early Bird with a £35 deposit until the 11th December 2019. Ticket Price from the 12th December will be £85 with a £45 deposit. Please see booking details below.
Capped at 40 players and 20 crew.

Story So Far

WOLVERINES! “Mayday! Mayday! This is Firebase Gloria on penal world Salvation. Our position has been overrun by Golden Horde insurgents. Enemy has superior numbers and air superiority . Extraction required. Mayday! Mayday! This is Firebase Gloria on penal world Salvation…”

Seventeen days. Seventeen days since we were blasted from our post by the unrelenting bombardment of the Khan’s superhuman Utopia-Soldiers. We were driven underground, into the abandoned caves and shafts of long-dead miners, while the Khan’s soldiers secured their grip on the world above. We have found others who, like us, have sought refuge from the occupation. Convicts, guards, even the odd smuggler have come to share our subterranean home, with little hope of rescue.

But we know rescue IS coming. The emergency communicator from the SS Wolverine transmits daily, and we know that despite the Golden Horde’s invasion of dozens of worlds, the fleet will come for us, and so will the marines. Until that time, we must disrupt our enemy any way possible. Our new mission is one of guerrilla war, sabotage and ambush. When we were stationed at Gloria, we were the good guys, keeping the peace and maintaining order. Now we’re the bad guys, with only one goal. Create mayhem. Now, we are the Wolverines!


Join the Gruntz of Bravo Company as they face one of their toughest challenges yet! Cut off from the fleet, with no support and limited supplies, the Gruntz will have to fight dirty in order to survive. But also, who are these mysterious soldiers who have invaded Salvation? How did the Khan obtain Utopia technology? How can the Gruntz possibly hope to defeat them? As the planet moves into its winter cycle, you’ll have to battle for survival, and hold until relieved. Thankfully, Bravo Company can rely on a heated rec-room, with power, lights and music to protect them from the winter – not to mention free hot tea and coffee on tap! So if you want prove yourself as the ultimate badass, kill mooks and look good doing it, then enlist today, to drive the invader from our world. WOLVERINES!

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