NVG Big Weekender ’28mm Generals’

Nerds Vs Geeks NVG in partnership with FilmSim Events and THE GAME SHOP, Aldershot proudly presents…

‘28mm Generals’

A weekend of tabletop gaming at the amazing ‘Eversley Adventures venue’ in Hampshire.

June 12-14 2020

£65 for a weekend’s ticket please see booking details below.

What this will include access to set events, a free BBQ, a second hand bazar, camping all weekend, a chance to meet new players and join in the silliness, and a play until your eye bleed policy. The lights stay on until no one can play any more.

We will have 20 gaming tables set up for your table top antics which will be available from 5pm Friday until 3pm Sunday.
You can arrive any time Friday or Saturday morning to set up camp or just join in if you’re not staying on site.
Actual events start Saturday at 10am and finish at 7pm.

There will be a raffle (all ticket buyers will be added to it) with vouchers to use at THE GAME SHOP ALDERSHOT and mini comps including best player, best painted model and many more. Keep an eye on the NVG group on FB and the event itself.

Also THE GAMESHOP ALDERSHOT has offered a 10%discount on any preorders made which will be delivered to site Friday for collection. The shop is also only 20mins away if you need an emergency item.

There will also be painting workshops run by Chris Curtis and Questionable Loyalties Workshop for those that want to learn techniques.

Games the event will be supporting via the Events we will be running are.
Warhammer 40k with Kill team Scenario (Chris Curtis)
Bolt Action (Josh Smith)
Warcry (Andy Django)

However, there will be tons of spare scenery and table available for guys to have their own dustups on. Also, we encourage other games being brought along, be then other table top or board/card games including a Titanicus table and 15mm supported scenery.
We will have the second hand Bazar set up in one of the buildings, which will offer a simple raffle ticket label system. Price up your goods, register with your label and after the event take back what isn’t sold.
CASH or PAYPAL only. If you have a paypal account, add it to your label. We will take 10% off each sale to give to the those that have to sit with it all weekend. Cash is Cash.