Buccaneers of the Damned Episode 14: War Crimes

FilmSim events and Eye LARP proudly presents a James Dance & Kitty Dobson production:

Buccaneers of the Damned
Episode 14: War Crimes

5th – 7th July 2019.

Welsh Drive, Eversley

Tickets price £75 for the Early Bird with a £35 deposit until the 13th June 2019. Ticket Price from the 14th June will be £85 with a £45 deposit. Please see booking details below.
Capped at 70 players and 40 crew.

Story So Far

The inhabitants of Logan’s Bay have dealt with much in their time on the archipelago. Having left their town in the hands of Hernán Córtez, they’ve travelled to the unknown land of Frontier in the hopes of founding a new Free Port without the meddling hands of the colonial powers of England, France, Spain, Portugal and Holland whose machinations have turned the island of Salvation – once their home – and the waters around it to a bloodbath.

Frontier offers opportunity of the like not seen for years; an ancient land full of gold and adventure as yet unclaimed.

But first, there’s a little something that needs to be done about the five ships they left behind in Logan’s Bay…


New Players

Episode 14 is the perfect time to jump on board! All new characters on the islands arrive having been shipwrecked from the real world in 1721 and start the game together, often with an introductory adventure.

The game will run from Friday 5th – Sunday 7th July

Registration will be open from 17:00, with a safety and game brief will be at 20:00

Time in will be:
21:00 till 01:30 Friday,
10:00 till 01:30 Saturday,
And 10:00 till 13:00 Sunday

Feel free to join the Buccaneers of the Damned Facebook page and meet the community

Meal tickets will also be available from Feast Your Eyes soon!