EYELarp – Basic Rules and Information

2018 protocols for EYElarp and Eversley.

Everyone will be expected to read this before arriving.

Site Safety
• The woodland and scrubland areas have been fairly untouched, so mind your footing, watch for low branches and do not climb up trees.
• Only climb on structures with steps, and no more than 4 people on any one structure at a time.
• Do not go beyond the gaming areas.

Fire Points and First Aid
• In case of an uncontrolled fire, all persons must make their way to the Safe Zone.
• The First Aid Point is at the the Safe Zone. We can only deal with scratches and scrapes; for anything worse you will have to go to A&E or call an ambulance.
• All fire pits MUST be off the ground and no naked flames are allowed in the buildings or huts unless they are in an appropriately approved holder. You MUST have a fire bucket at hand if using your own open fire.

Weapon Safety
• Head hits should be avoided at all times, but head hits do count.
• All swings of a weapon MUST be heroic, and pulled at the last minute.
• No stabbing allowed unless the weapon is stab safe.
• All arrows must be checked before use.
• Any bow firing greater than 30lb will be marked, will have a strict 30m engagement range and may not be fired directly at an enemy. We will allow up to 45lb bows.

Behaviour – shame this should even be a thing!!
• You are expected to act in a respectful and inclusive manner and don’t choose a character type that behaves in a manner that WILL offend others out of game. However, this goes the same as for over-sensitive behaviour.
• All EYElarp games are gender neutral and we don’t expect people to conform to particular gender roles – that choice is very much in the hands of the player. However do not take a role on that is unachievable, and please make sure roles fall within the boundaries of the brief given.
• Real-world Political and Social ideologies must be left at the gate and not brought into the weekend. Anyone found pushing or openly behaving in a way that is NOT within the game brief will be asked to leave.
• Any directed assault should immediately be taken up with the organiser so an appropriate measure can be taken. This may mean the end of the game and Police involved, or the removal of said person from the site.

• Please monitor your drinking; these are social events, but utter drunkenness will not be tolerated. EYELarp runs high quality FilmSim events that are serious role play games. If you are spotted unable to control yourself, you will be asked to leave the game and sleep it off.

• Smoking must be done in open spaces and be as in keeping with the game as possible.
• EYELarp will bring water on site for general use after boiling. All drinking water must be provided by yourself.
• There will be a generator onsite, but no power is provided to in the in-character camp.
• We only have Tardis-loos on site, please SIT only. Boys, feel free to take a wander and be with nature!

Crew and Players
We see no difference between player or crew; both have come to have fun and play let’s pretend. The player has paid to have the adventure and the crew have chosen to support the player in being the player’s encounters. Both should treat each other with respect and work to create the best story possible for everyone. We don’t have a head ref, just a whole field of guys who know the brief and want to make the best ‘FilmSim’ experience they can. We’re not about CHEAT CALLING or heavy-handed reffing and will only get involved with encouragement for people to play a better game. If anyone steps continually out of the brief, they will be asked to step out of the game and assess whether they are at the right kind of event.

3 long blows – Game over/stop game.

Verbal CAlls (all out of game)

‘BROKEN LINES’ – The fighting has got too involved and everyone needs to check their before someone gets hurt. Break fighting and in game re-organise your lines.

‘KEEP ENGAGED’ – The hit-taking has gone to pot, and poor reactions are making us all look very silly-rubber-sword-wobblers. This call is a global reminder that others are waiting to heal you/repair your armour and by NOT reacting to hits, you are taking away their role-play and demoralising other participants’ efforts.

The whistle has been blown three times.

Game play must stop and all players stay where they are until one blast of the whistle starts the game again,
or Refs calls the game to a close.

Make sure all your rubbish goes in the skip provided; please don’t litter the site.

We are here solely to make sure you have the very best experience; it’s now in your hands!

Some Other Basic Rules
Give gameplay to everyone, react to everything around you and don’t expect others to react the way you thought they might. If you are hit during combat, react and if the blow/shot is deemed a good one, fall to the ground and seek help (a bandage at least) for there are people whose roles you’re taking away by not playing the game fully.

Most of our games are hard skills, so if you can do it, you can do it – but effort is everything and as long as you’re within the spirit of the game, it will work. If the game you’re taking part in also includes airsoft, there will be an airsoft safety briefing.

Some of our games have mechanics for making things happen – for example. Gruntz uses a cool pack of cards system. Just make sure you’re aware of these extra rules.

Stand To! Postponement Announcement

Hi all,

I’m afraid we have had to make a decision to postpone March’s Stand To! event.

The long and the short of the decision is that moving the game to Huntley Wood means that a lot of players who were booked in now can’t attend. The change of site was entirely down to a cock-up double-booking on our part, and we apologise sincerely for it.

We do still have enough players for a game in March, but on consideration we think the best idea is to wait until September, and run the event at Eversley. That’s primarily so that the players who got behind the event from the go can attend, but also because we want to make sure the game is as absolutely brill as it can be. Discworld is just as important to us as it is to the players who booked on, and we want to do it justice.

So, the first Stand To! will now take place on Sept 7-9 2018 at Eversley.

What this means for players who have already booked:

If you have a booking for March’s event, you can either transfer your deposit to the September game (or any other EYELarp event), or we will refund your deposit.
If you transfer you ticket to the September game, we will sort the rest of your ticket of £40 out in recompense for the unfortunate messing around. These ‘Golden Tickets’ are not movable and cannot be given over to a third party.

Other changes

We’ve also had a lot of feedback and questions which we want to factor into the game. The biggest single question has been whether people can play Trolls, Dwarves, Golems or any of the other non-human races. We’d originally planned to only allow those characters from Ep 2 onwards, but given the amount of interest, we’ve decided to change that. Kit and character guides for all of those will be published shortly.

Once again, sorry that we have had to postpone this event. We’re genuinely gutted, but we do want to make sure it can be as epic as possible, and waiting to September seems the sensible thing to do.

Josh and Oz

Events for 2018

Hallo all. Pleased to announce the main dates for all EYELarp’s events next year!

Still a few sites TBC; we will confirm those as soon as possible.

Also, we are just putting the finishing touches to the info for Stand To!, our new event for 2018. Keep your eyes peeled 

Check the calendar here for details:.http://eyelarp.com/events/list/

Update: Events for 2017

Hi all, Josh here!

What an incredible year 2016 has been. Nineteen Live Role Play Filmsim events, and nine Filmsim Airsoft events under our belt.. we truly are a community built on epic costumes, rubber swords, toy guns and running around in the woods 🙂

Our community is growing and our reputation for quality experiences is pulling in more attention across the many LARP, Airsoft and gaming communities in the UK – and France!

So, a huge thank you to all you wonderful people who have supported us and helped build EYELarp into what it is today.

However we have also become a victim of our success.. though it’s a good problem to have!

Originally, we wanted to run three events a year for each of our games, to give our community assurance that if they developed a character and built up their kit and kaboodle, we would give them plenty of opportunities to use it.

Our original strategy was to operate those three games with 60 players at each, but what’s actually happened is that the people in the community want to play more than one or two of our systems, and we’re hearing from players and crew that there’s too much choice! This has meant a few of our games have been undersubscribed.

We’ve also heard from players that scheduling fewer episodes of each game a year will help people’s budgets, as well as fitting the hobby around real life – and though we are proud that our events are actually pretty low-cost for the quality of the experience we provide, we also acknowledge the feedback from players who are disappointed they aren’t able to attend all the episodes of the games they want to play.

In response to this, and listening to all of you in the field throughout 2016, we have decided to scale back to two episodes of each game next year, instead of three.

This means we give players a better chance to carry their characters through every event, rather than having to dip in and out, and hopefully each event will be tip-top full and jam-packed with epic roleplay, battles, socials and shennanigans. It also means we can use our sites (and some new ones for 2017) to their best
potential. Less WILL be more!

Finally, we originally moved many of the Gunman Airsoft Filmsim Events to EYELarp, but these have proved to have been of less interest to the LRP community. Therefore these are moving back under the Gunman Airsoft umbrella. These include WW1, WW2, ‘Nam and Cold War events.

We hope this decision makes sense and you’re not too disappointed. The event list on our facebook page and website are being updated now

As always, all the best and thanks to all of you. Players and Crew are what makes EYELarp what it is, and we want to give you the best experiences we can in 2017 and well beyond!

All the best, and hope you have a fab festive season and a happy New Year.

Josh and the EYELarp team x


So, Episode 1 happened and it was so gorram BADASS that we’ve opened priority bookings for Ep 2 already! You can check our the details for the game, and updated rule docs here. 

Also, we have an open crew call for Ep2 – check out the Facebook group for more info.



Hi all,

We’re on a bit of a high at the moment – there’s lots going on for EYELarp over the next couple of months, and new events kicking off too!


We are proud to present our new website! www.eyelarp.com is now fully fledged and in the wild; all our events, rules, and contact info is on there so please take a look. And most importantly, you can book a place for our events by placing a player deposit directly from the site!


This weekend saw the first episode of John Haynes’ new creation, HADES, and what a stonker it was! Players spent the weekend inhabiting the souls of the deceased, carving out a new existence in the afterworld. So many brilliant moments as cast and crew shared their stories and tried to explain the time they had come from; quote of the weekend had to be an Arthurian general, clutching a field radio and asking a WW1 Tommy whether it was the same thing as a telephone. And that was before their island in the tempest came under attack from the Reich…

Pics will be published from the Facebook page later this week, and the event page will be updated with a summary of the event and some special rules. But most importantly, thanks to John for directing, and the cast and crew for bringing the story to life. HADES will return next year.


We’re back at Eversley next weekend for Episode 7 of our pirate epic. We still have a few player and crew places for the event, which is shaping up to be a cracker. More info on the event page and the Facebook group. You can book a place here.


The first weekend of November sees our site at Tuddenham, in Norfolk getting some full-blown 1980’s action movie AWESOME as the Marines of Gruntz drop into action! Player spaces are sold out for our sci-fi extravaganza, but we still have crew berths on the drop ship! Take a look at the event and the Facebook page. Ep 2 is already confirmed and bookings will open shortly!


Our Viking story continues in November, as the Yawlung make landfall on a new, unknown shore. Will the campfire they spied inshore prove friend or foe? Event details and ticket bookings are here.


And our final game of the year takes us back to the tiny enclave of Hirta, where our band of wanderers shelter from the horrors that lurk in the dark of the post apocalyptic wasteland. Our survival horror experience is now on Episode 3, and both player and crew spaces are available. Details here and here.

As always, pics  from our events can be found on www.wyvernlarp.com and if you have any questions, drop us a note.


That time is nearly upon us – the next Pirate epic that is Buccaneers of the Damned!

A few tickets still available for this one – so if you fancy getting to grips with, well, Rum, take a gander and get booked on!


New Stories!

EYE Larp is adding two new events to the stable in 2017!

Kicking off an epic tale of gladiators, politics and sitting-in-the-ampitheatre heckling, Primus Ludus Magnus has its first event on 31 Mar 2017 – you can read more on the event Facebook page.

And then, delving into the lost worlds of pulp fiction, Jurrasica will be giving players the opportunity to indulge their inner Victorian with a tale of exploration, pith helmets and tea. So much tea. Again, more info on the Facebook group.

We’re all totally frothing about these events – so take a look at the info and why not come and join in? As always, we’re on the look out for Crew as well as players – so if you’re interested, drop us a line!

Bookings for EYE Larp Events

Here is the updated booking system for our events.
Your Options:
  1. Ticket price for all events will usually start at around £65 for the weekend; see event pages for specifics.
  2. You can secure your place with a £25 deposit, the balance to be paid at the event.
  3. On the gate ticket price is usually the full ticket price + £20.

Prices for events will depending on location and the type of event, so make sure you have read the booking information before sending any money.

All tickets and deposits paid are NON-REFUNDABLE but you can sell a ticket or deposit on to another person. Full details of the new deposit owner must be emailed to sales@filmsim.co.uk along with the name of the event and any other important booking information.

All deposits and payments should be made through this website – just add a ticket to your cart from the event page!

This will take you through a paypal transaction; Your paypal payment will go to sales@filmsim.co.uk.

Day Tickets

A single day option may also be available on a number of our events and the price will be made clear in the booking information. We will still need full payment before the deadline, otherwise the full ticket price will need to be paid.


To trade at any of our events please contact us on sales@filmsim.co.uk with a brief description of the items you are selling. If there is room and no trade clashes we will reply with a booking reference number to be added to your booking payment. Traders are then asked to pay the full ticket price to book their pitch. Follow the booking process and make sure you add your booking reference on the payment.