FilmSim events and Eye LARP proudly presents a Michael Lawn & Sarah Lawn production:



January 24th – 26th 2020.

Welsh Drive, Eversley

Tickets price £75 for the Early Bird with a £35 deposit until the 11th December 2019. Ticket Price from the 12th December will be £85 with a £45 deposit. Please see booking details below.
Capped at 40 players and 20 crew.

Story So Far

WOLVERINES! “Mayday! Mayday! This is Firebase Gloria on penal world Salvation. Our position has been overrun by Golden Horde insurgents. Enemy has superior numbers and air superiority . Extraction required. Mayday! Mayday! This is Firebase Gloria on penal world Salvation…”

Seventeen days. Seventeen days since we were blasted from our post by the unrelenting bombardment of the Khan’s superhuman Utopia-Soldiers. We were driven underground, into the abandoned caves and shafts of long-dead miners, while the Khan’s soldiers secured their grip on the world above. We have found others who, like us, have sought refuge from the occupation. Convicts, guards, even the odd smuggler have come to share our subterranean home, with little hope of rescue.

But we know rescue IS coming. The emergency communicator from the SS Wolverine transmits daily, and we know that despite the Golden Horde’s invasion of dozens of worlds, the fleet will come for us, and so will the marines. Until that time, we must disrupt our enemy any way possible. Our new mission is one of guerrilla war, sabotage and ambush. When we were stationed at Gloria, we were the good guys, keeping the peace and maintaining order. Now we’re the bad guys, with only one goal. Create mayhem. Now, we are the Wolverines!


Join the Gruntz of Bravo Company as they face one of their toughest challenges yet! Cut off from the fleet, with no support and limited supplies, the Gruntz will have to fight dirty in order to survive. But also, who are these mysterious soldiers who have invaded Salvation? How did the Khan obtain Utopia technology? How can the Gruntz possibly hope to defeat them? As the planet moves into its winter cycle, you’ll have to battle for survival, and hold until relieved. Thankfully, Bravo Company can rely on a heated rec-room, with power, lights and music to protect them from the winter – not to mention free hot tea and coffee on tap! So if you want prove yourself as the ultimate badass, kill mooks and look good doing it, then enlist today, to drive the invader from our world. WOLVERINES!

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Gulag Eagle 13: Waypoint 1 – First Steps

FilmSim events and Eye LARP proudly presents a Johnathan Fisher production:

Gulag Eagle 13

Waypoint 1 – First Steps 

3rd – 5th January 2020.

Welsh Drive, Eversley

Tickets price £75 for the Early Bird with a £35 deposit until the 6th December 2019. Ticket Price from the 7th December will be £85 with a £45 deposit. Please see booking details below.
Capped at 40 players and 30 crew.


Story so far

You find yourself on the boarder of the State of Kaliningrad, an ex-Soviet Union exclave bordering Poland, Lithuania and most importantly the Baltic Sea. It’s 2025, 5 years since the incident known as the “Mother’s hate” in which saw the collapse of the modern world as we know it.

Weary and nearly on your last legs, for the past 5 years of survival have been long and hard going. Being pushed more and more into colder climates trying and escape the spores, the infected and the mad! When you hear news of safety, news of the Baltic Block. You may have heard the news about this new regime, from one of their rangers that had spotted you in your travels most likely tracking you with out you knowing for multiple days, getting to you at a point which meant listen or die, maybe you stumbled across one of their info drops that contained notes of them issuing that they offer safety and a chance to live and not just survive.  Whatever it was you know find yourself on your first steps to the place known as Gulag Eagle 13 a place of safety a place to start living.

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The Five Kingdoms – Illumination

FilmSim events and Eye LARP proudly presents a Josh Smith production:

The Five Kingdoms

6th – 8th December 2019.

Welsh Drive, Eversley

Tickets price £75 for the Early Bird with a £35 deposit until the 1st November 2019. Ticket Price from the 2nd November will be £85 with a £45 deposit. Please see booking details below.
Capped at 40 players and 30 crew.


Story so far

War still rages between the brothers of Goul’reims and the barbarity between the Orcs has lost all honor. It has consumed its people and fighting has begun to break out everywhere. Those loyal to King, Elgar’dire wear read banners and those of Mor’agon wear yellow

Rumors of fighting in the North are now confirmed. The forces of the Kaldoom Legacy are battling with the twisted minions of the Overseer of the Makhutt. The sheer expertise and war mastery that the legacy has brought to bare has already overwhelmed the Makhutt with huge initial casualties possibly in the thousands against this twisted adversary. However, new creatures of war have started to appear and the Kings must show caution.

Gromero, Lord and master of the house of Skabul has marched to Seragol and begun his fated quest to reclaim the lost city of his birthright and avenge the loss of his king and friend.
Four Thousand Kin are now marching from the city of Haldero. The House of Regan has retracted its grudge towards the house of Skabull but has refused to leave the Blue Mountains of Thodans walls.

Witch Hunter Master Albon Creol is coming to Harkers Lodge looking to find new recruits for the order. The Watch is also benefiting from these new recruits with a Witch hunter Sargent being appointed to all the watch houses across the Five Kingdoms.

‘Whom shall touch the craft, shall be burnt by its taint and if wielded shall be slain’ ‘Creed of Albon Creol’

Alduin of House Brennis, lord and now steward of Ba’moor city is returning to Harkers Lodge after 3 months of overseeing his new role. He has been very popular with the low nobles that have been left to defend and continue the everyday operation of the old capitol city of Ba’moor but has made enemies within the council of kings. He has openly revoked their attempts to continue being the voice of the Kingdoms and has thrown out the council members from their lodge within the Pride Gate of Dimitre district. Many have applauded this but unrest still lingers in the back ally’s of such a huge city.

The plague of Legion priests is still a concern to the council of Aldman. Regular patrols from Harkers lodge is now in affect the only patrolling as the Watches are almost spent.

The Guild Master Scrumpy, has announced 5 more jobs shall be available at the next gathering of Harkers Lodge and Aldman has announced the recruitment of new Rangers and the appointment of a new Master Rangers.

The party that set off a month ago to find a strange beast with Ivory tusks has had to abandon its quest after many of its members became sick with a strange affliction. After holding up for a week at Stoney Bridge they will return with their reports and findings. Its believed that Master Ranger, though lost to the quest, found a portal waystone near the believed location of another Lantern of the White tower. If its true that the returned Urn was a fake and not the artifact claimed, then its vital the real one is returned before any knows. The 5 Kingdoms broke apart and Kings. Queens and many lords forsook their posts and even cities when the news the great beacon was found and returned, the thought it could have been a fake could undo many lifted hearts and break many bonds and oaths made upon its finding.


The game will run from Friday 6th – Sunday 8th December

Registration will be open from 17:00, with a safety and game brief will be at 20:00

Time in will be:
21:00 till 01:30 Friday,
10:00 till 01:30 Saturday,
And 10:00 till 13:00 Sunday

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